1. Managing inventory of drugs/medical consumables at various warehouses and health facilities/institutions at DPMU Portal to ensure stock availability with segregation as essential, vital, and desirable medicines in the EDL.

  2. Monitor stock levels of medicines in each warehouse including near expiry items to avoid obsolescence (3 months, 6 months, 9 months, etc.).

  3. Monitoring rate contracts and expiry by flagging cases where re-tendering is required and support in issue of indents.

  4. Tracking Tendering based on stock availability and pending indent.

  5. Managing indents and ensuring timely in delivery and logistics.

  6. Ensuring timely supply of drugs and medicine across various health facilities by coordinating with necessary personnel.

  7. Ensuring mechanisms for managing packaging and supply of drugs from warehouses with necessary coordination.

  8. Planning and development of new storage infrastructure like warehouses, cold storage, etc.
    Preparing plan to tackle of challenges through technology changes in warehousing and logistics like stock in-out, etc.

  9. Liaison up with relevant stakeholders for arranging real time data when necessary.

  10. Deliver timely MIS reports for agile decision making with intuitive dashboards.

  11. Ensuring timely replacement of NSQ/Expiry drugs and ensures also the lifting of NSQ/Expiry by Vendors.

  12. Ensuring online upload of medicines on deliver of medicines.

  13. Managing indents and ensuring timely in delivery and logistics.

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